Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue

Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue - Austin, Texas

Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue – Austin, Texas

This statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan is quite the tourist attraction in Austin, strategically placed in front of our growing skyline. He was a hometown hero, musician, songwriter and virtuoso Texas blues guitarist, who tragically died in a helicopter crash, back in 1990, at the age of 35.

I know I’ve shot this statue during the day, but I think this is first time I made an image at night. This was our last photographic stop, a week ago, when a few of us went around and captured the key downtown views.

The statue is not lit and this area is quite dark. We all had our cameras on tripods, strategically placed for our preferred framing. I opted for a 30mm equivalent to have Stevie stand proudly against the skyline, just ever so slightly off-center. Dave fired a handheld flash to light up our subject, which was a lot better and faster than light painting with a flashlight.

I added a bluish tone in post to give a modern, high-tech feel, compared to the usual warm amber cast. I also added a touch of red and some dodging on the statue to create a bronze metallic look, which adds an extra pop to Stevie.

Happily the newest buildings, the two on the very left side, now adds some needed balance to the skyline. I think the resulting photo has a big city feel, probably more than it is in reality, but no doubt, Austin is no longer a sleepy college town.

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4 thoughts on “Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue

    1. Frank, I’m embarrassed to say, I’m actually not very familiar with Stevie Ray Vaughan’s work. I don’t mind the blues, but’s it’s not the usual genre I listen too.

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