The Catwalk

The Catwalk, Peal District - San Antonio, Texas

The Catwalk, Peal District – San Antonio, Texas

Here’s one last image from this latest mini-series on the Pearl District in San Antonio, all shot a week ago, Sunday. This is a different take on the brewery turned hotel that I’ve featured a few times. If you look at this photo, you can make out the catwalk to the left of the ornate tower.

The Hotel Emma is on the left and some undefined structure to the right. When I first visited last year, I was assuming it was a building under construction and that the incomplete concrete structure was a skeleton for more redevelopment. With no apparent construction and changes in a while, maybe it’s already complete. Rather strange I think. But I suppose it reinforces the quirky industrial aesthetic of the Pearl.

I’m assuming this catwalk no longer serves a useful purpose. Perhaps they left it intact, and no doubt restored it to safe standards, as a nod to this place’s gritty past. I’m sure when the brewery was in full operation, this was purpose-built for some long forgotten function. Now it appears as eye candy, for a sleek and efficient modern world that rarely needs these kinds of functional metal sculptures.

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