Proudly on Display

Proudly on Display, ROT Rally - Austin, Texas

Proudly on Display, ROT Rally – Austin, Texas

There’s a lot of pride and dollars wrapped up in these machines and I’m sure people with their passions love to show them off. Here are a few more bikes proudly on display on Congress Avenue.

Years ago, when I was really into creating HDR photographs, I shot scenes like this with my tripod and combined three exposures together in post processing. If you look at this post from back in 2012, especially the last photo, it looks similar to today’s posting. It was shot at the same place on Congress Avenue, even featuring a similar looking red bike.

I used the Olympus E-P3 back then with the Panasonic 14mm f2.5, shot at ISO 200 on tripod. Fast forward to 2017 and I took this at ISO 250, hand-held this time at a 0.5 second shutter speed. It’s a single image post processed with Capture One, eliminating the HDR processing. I prefer the cooler and brighter rendering too. It makes the 2012 version look dark and muted.

There are differences though. Notice that today’s image has a shallower depth of field, shot at f2.8. The bikes up close are sharp but the more distant ones are out of focus. The 2012 version, on tripod, used a f9 aperture which rendered the entire scene sharp, including the buildings. These, however, are differences that won’t matter to most people.

Unless you are a photo enthusiast, you may not care how the photographic cheese is made. I mention the technical aspects just to highlight a point — the advances in technologies have greatly simplified image making. Similar advances make the smartphone a decent choice for casual photography and it propels the dedicated cameras, with the larger sensors, to image making not possible just five years ago. The technology, for example, can potentially obsolete tripods.

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3 thoughts on “Proudly on Display

  1. The other night, Garry and I went out and there was dancing. Yes, dancing. I didn’t dance, but I did fall down trying to dance — another story for another day. The thing was, I didn’t bring a camera. “What could there be to shoot,” I said to myself. Stupid stupid stupid. Every time I say that, I will be sorry.

    So the only pictures we got were with my friends’ iPhones and no matter what they are saying about them? In that rather low light with a lot of dazzle, they stunk. They looked good, until you put them up on the computer and then the graininess made everyone’s face look like it was being seen through a metal grid.

    Better the few pictures I could rescue (the only good one was the one I took, the others were taken by other people) and that’s because I deduced you really do need the flash when the room is pretty dark. My camera would have done okay because i’ve got some fast lenses, but not an iPhone.

    I get frustrated by people telling me these are good cameras. Define GOOD. They are okay cameras given specific conditions depending on light and a few other things. Otherwise, NO. They are NOT good cameras. They take pictures. But that’s all they do.

    1. The thing is, everyone has their notion of good image quality. Certainly as photography enthusiasts were are more demanding. But yes, the smartphones, right now, work well in good light. Bad is light is very tough.

      I also think many just view their photos on their phone. At most, they post to Facebook, which is also has relative small images with modest requirements.

      1. They definitely look MUCH better and very small screen.

        In good light, the pictures are okay. At night, uh … not really. Not if you are going to use them for any other purpose. I really wish i’d brought a camera.

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