Bike Tricks

Bike Tricks, ROT Rally - Austin, Texas

Bike Tricks, ROT Rally – Austin, Texas

What is the pre-parade entertainment like? Usually it involves some motorcycle acrobatics, which makes sense, since most things ROT Rally related have a biker theme. I remember a few years ago, A Mexican Motorcycle team did some spectacular cheerleader type stacked antics. This year, Jeff Normand along with another, enthusiastically converted rubber to smoke along Congress Avenue.

I like the expressions of the crowd, just as much as the stunt, for an on the street view of the action. I shot here at 1/800 of a second to reasonably stopped the action, which forced ISO 2000 in a moderate afternoon light.

I opted for a colorful, contrasty look and applied a retro mid-70s Kodak Extrachrome film simulation, through Catpure One. I really can’t vouch for the accuracy of the simulation but it does offer a look that’s different from my standard processing. I’ve categorized this under my Film-ish collection which explores digital film simulation.

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