Japan on the Move: Trains

Train Blur - Yokohama, Japan

Train Blur – Yokohama, Japan

It’s hard to underestimate how important trains are in Japan. There everywhere and in the big cities, you can get almost anywhere with them. They are probably equivalent in importance to cars in the U.S. Unlike many transit systems, they make money and private companies run railways as a business. There are not subsidized like here in America.

Since I can’t drive in Japan, public transit was my only option. But never did I feel restricted. I have two gripes about them, though. The trains can get crowded during rush hour, especially in Tokyo. And, they stop running around midnight. There’s a mad dash to catch the last train for people enjoying late night entertainment.

For today’s post, in addition to the motion blur that I love so much, I’ve applied a PX-70 instant film-ish effect to give an otherworldly urban look. I’m starting a short three post mini-series titled “Japan on the Move”.

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5 thoughts on “Japan on the Move: Trains

  1. I like this. It reminds me of my time in Osaka and Kyoto. Hope all is well. I stay up waiting some nights for your midnight post.

    1. Brett, the trains and stations generally look similar across the big cities so that makes sense. Thank you for visiting and staying up, at times, for my posts. I’m honored.

      Everything is going well me with. I hope you and your family are getting settled on the East Coast.

  2. I am enjoying your photos of Japan. I think this is the strongest of the three “Japan on the Move” images due to the speed and close proximity of the train.

    1. Thank you Stephen. I too love the motion blur of trains entering and leaving the station. I’ve made a number of photos like this during my travels.

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