Time Warp to 1958

Salary Man in 1958 - Yokohama, Japan

Salary Man in 1958 – Yokohama, Japan

It’s 1958 and a salary man in Japan is walking through the neighborhood. He’s hungry and want to get dinner before going home. Perhaps some ramen to fill his stomach and warm himself up, on this brisk fall night.

This isn’t an old picture, it’s not even shot on film. It’s a simulation — a fake black and white, created digitally. And this place, it’s not real either. It’s not really 1958. The salary man, however, is real and he probably is going to eat some ramen. Welcome to the Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum, one of my favorite places in Japan.

I’ve been to this place before. I’ve even blogged about it, two and half years ago. That post was in vivid color, featuring many HDRs. Today’s view is distinctly more monochrome.

I captured this image, street photography style, as the salary man passed. Shooting with my usual grainy monochrome, in this simulated 1958 environment, it was like a time warp. The digital grain and the contrasty black and white only adds to the illusion.

I ended up going to the Ramen Museum three times during my stay. I most certainly will feature more photos of the place, but for today, I’ll leave you with mystery, moodiness and monochrome.

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