Japan on the Move: Cars

Highway Blur - Yokohama, Japan

Highway Blur – Yokohama, Japan

As good as the trains are in Japan, it’s still useful to have a car, especially for those in the suburbs. From what I saw, the suburbs in Japan are not the sprawling subdivisions that you see in the U.S. The small houses are usually very close together with very little yard. Public transportation is available, though you may need to ride a bus to get to a train station.

Still, it’s nice to have a car and it’s not unusual for families to have a least one, unless they are living downtown. Traffic is often a mess, which is not unusual given the destiny of people in the big cities. I shot this photo from an overpass next to the Shin-Yokohama train station. It’s a fairly big station by Yokohama standards though not very big compared to the ones in downtown Tokyo. The dark area in the middle appears to road construction.

I applied the same PX-70 instant film-ish simulation as yesterday, which I like for these urban night images. It gives an oddly cold, Sci-fi look that seems to work for the city. I previously featured this same road, from the same overpass, but looking the other way. At a different focal length and in black and white, that picture from last year seems significantly different.

This is part two of three-part “Japan on the Move” mini-series.

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