Kyoto Tower Hotel

Kyoto Tower Hotel - Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Tower Hotel – Kyoto, Japan

Yesterday, some teens in Japan were enthusiastically exercising their point and shoots. This is what they were capturing, albeit without the fancy architectural framing. The Kyoto Tower Hotel has been a fixture since 1964 and the structure created controversy back then. Now it looks retro and modern in a 60’s kind of aesthetic.

Some 33 years later, with the construction of the Kyoto Station Building, I’m sure the wildly modern station has diverted some design controversy away from the tower. Being a 1,200 year old city, there’s a lot of tradition in Kyoto. I’m glad though that they are not suck in the past. It’s nice to maintain your history but nice not be controlled by it.

In this image, I framed the tower with the wildly asymmetrical station building. It makes for a different kind of tower photo. A quick search on Google has not reveal a similar composition. I’m sure I’m not the first to shoot in this way, but I’m glad it’s not the typical view. My objective is to move past the standard tourist snapshots.

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2 thoughts on “Kyoto Tower Hotel

  1. It’s never easy photographing these types of towers in an interesting way, especially with a plain blue sky but this works well Andy. You have effectively created a contemporary, ultra-modern frame around an historically ultra-modern tower. Quite perfect.

    I am fascinated that this view even exists in Kyoto. Not that I have ever been there but this does not compute with the mental images I have of this city. Interesting.

    1. Hi Cedric, thank you for your kind words. Yes, the images are quite contemporary for such a old city. I’ll certainly have more traditional images of Kyoto in incoming posts.

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