Unique Restaurant Artwork

Thai Kun Artwork - Austin, Texas

Thai Kun Artwork – Austin, Texas

I went to a relatively new Thai restaurant, Thai Kun, in the Domain Northside development, several months ago. I don’t know enough about art to categorize this but it’s probably some flavor of pop art mixed with street graffiti. At least that’s the way I describe it. And, I guess, people could also argue, why does art, or anything else, need to be categorized?

People in Austin, familiar with the food truck scene, might recognize the style. It’s created by the same artist who decorated the popular East Side King trucks.

The electric, even by Austin standards, Peelander Yellow is the artist behind this. He’s part of an equally eclectic punk band from New York called Peelander-Z. I’ve seen the band’s over the top performances a few times during SXSW. If you ever thought all Japanese are quiet and reserved, these guys will forever shatter your preconceived notions.

Austin is a small enough place to have other connections. The head chef of Thai Kun, Thai Changthong, worked for Paul Qui at Uchi and Uchiko, which are two of Austin’s hottest Japanese fusion restaurants. Paul Qui is also the co-founder of East Side King.

Categorized under my Daily Life collection because I’m a person that feels comfort making categories. This collection looks for interesting things in Austin, which I encounter during my daily life.

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