Timeless Canal Streetscape

Canal Streetscape - Kurashiki, Japan

Timeless Canal Streetscape – Kurashiki, Japan

Shooting a series of color photos in a historic area, I’m sure you thought it was inevitable that I would shift back to black and white. After all, I’ve posted a fair number of monochromes lately and who couldn’t resist creating timeless film-ish looks. If it weren’t for the bicycles, I think you would hard pressed to date this image. Certainly the absence of people and technology makes the illusion easier to perpetrate.

These are essentially the same scene, framed differently courtesy of a zoom lens. I was hard pressed to pick between them so I decided to post both photographs. The top photo has the benefit of a clear subject, filling the frame and balanced the way I like it. But I was also attracted to the photo below, mostly for the reflections and the gentle and delicate outstretched trees.

I used the Olympus PEN-F with the Olympus 9-18mm wide-angle zoom. The top photo, at a 32mm equivalent, is nearly at maximum closeness. The bottom photo is at a 18mm equivalent, which is the widest setting.

I had the benefit of two cameras, the PEN-F and the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II. The set of posts from Kurashiki, in color, were all with the OM-D. With the 14-150mm light weight zoom, I had a lot of flexibility to shoot wide or telephoto and color or black and white. And, because of the travel friendly micro 4/3 format, both cameras, and some extra lenses fit in a small camera bag. It worked out well and I never felt loaded down during my all day excursions.

Canal Streetscape - Kurashiki, Japan

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