Gregory Gymnasium with the Canon G7X II

Gregory Gymnasium, University of Texas - Austin, Texas

Gregory Gymnasium, University of Texas – Austin, Texas

I’m not overly familiar with the University of Texas, but I happened on this wonderful structure on my most recent visit. With a campus of mostly modern and utilitarian structures, it’s nice to find one with ample detailing and a sense of character. The Gregory Gymnasium certainly impresses for its patterned use of bricks.

I was playing with my newest camera, the Canon G7X Mark II, enjoying snapping interesting sights around campus. I didn’t intend this to be a test of the camera’s optics, but inadvertently, these two photos turned into a fancy and infamous brick test, that pixel peepers are known to use. Overall, I’m really happy with the image quality, especially at the lowest ISO 125.

Looking closely at the top photo, at a 85mm equivalent, and putting on my pixel peeper hat, I notice some softness as I move away from the center, especially on the right side. Displayed full screen on my 27″ retina iMac, it’s slightly noticeable but not annoyingly so.

100% Crop of Gregory Gymnasium, University of Texas - Austin, Texas

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. This is a crop from the center to right section of the photograph above. You can click on the image to get a larger view of the selected area. Notice the bricks on the right are not as crisp. The black sconces show this even clearer. The one on the right is not nearly as sharp and detailed as the one if the left.

Gregory Gymnasium, University of Texas - Austin, Texas

This wider view, at a 49mm equivalent, appears sharper corner to corner.

I’m usually not prone to pixel level comparisons. Curiously, however, with my high-res retina iMac screen and the very sharp rendering from Capture One, I’ve noticed more of these “flaws”. I try not have these overwhelm what’s important in photography. Ironically, however, with my older regular resolution monitor, these issues are barely noticeable.

The overall verdict, the camera is good enough to make satisfying photos and do so without much frustration. But optically, it’s far from perfect, especially at the wider angles, not shown in this post. I’m definitely grading on a curve, not expecting the compact optics of this small camera to match larger interchangeable lenses from DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

At higher ISO’s image quality does drop noticeably, certainly faster than micro 4/3, which is to be expected. But that’s a topic for another post.

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2 thoughts on “Gregory Gymnasium with the Canon G7X II

  1. I’m not much into pixel peeping either these days and I tend to judge image quality by how well the largest size I print looks (13″x19″). That seems to work for me since most of my music photography is in the ISO 3200-6400 range and pixel peeping isn’t going to look great even though prints look fine. I’ve never known you to share images online at high resolution and the smallish 1024×768 sizes of these look identical in detail to my eyes. Just a humble suggestion – maybe it would be helpful to include 100% crops of what you are talking about for those who are interested? I’m not one for brick wall comparisons myself but since you brought up the subject it may be useful to some folks to provide a little more visual illustration over the standard low resolution images.

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