St. Louis Cathedral at Blue Hour

Blue Hour, St. Louis Cathedral - New Orleans, Louisiana

Blue Hour, St. Louis Cathedral – New Orleans, Louisiana

It took me a few nights in New Orleans until I got a chance to make this photo. Busy with sightseeing, I would arrive at Jackson Square after it closed. Even with my wide-angle, I couldn’t fit the entire cathedral unless I took the picture from within the square.

I created this photo a mere 15 minutes or so after I took this photo, which I posted a couple of days ago. Blue hour slips in quickly and exits just as quickly here in this latitude and the sort-after bright blue sky only lasts ten or so minutes. I loved it when I was in The Netherlands where blue hours actually lasted 60 minutes, or even longer. That makes it a lot easier for urban photographers.

Not using tripods, however, has sped up my photography, when I can get away with it. Here, I wasn’t able to shoot at ISO 200, even at 1/3 of a second shutter speed, but at ISO 500, I still got very clean results. I’ve considered getting the Olympus 12mm f2 prime lens. Though it’s not as wide as this 9mm photo, with a larger aperture, it will give me 2 more stops of light gathering capability. Everything helps when you try to go light and lazy, shooting without a tripod.

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