ATX, Cyclone Anaya’s

ATX, Cyclone Anaya's - Austin, Texas

ATX, Cyclone Anaya’s – Austin, Texas

I went to a Tex-Mex restaurant, last week, with a bunch of friends and found this. It’s from a new place called Cyclone Anaya’s at the Domain Northside. From all my night photography, you can imagine that I got excited when I saw glowing lights in a dark and moody place. Lucky, I had my new Canon G7X Mark II. This is what I was hoping for, when I got this small, high quality pants-pocketable camera. Because you never know when you’ll run into a photo opportunity.

ATX, is an abbreviation for Austin TeXas. Which is commonly used these days. But, back a decade ago, when I came up with my “atmtx” name as my online identity, I never heard of ATX. This causes a bit of confusion for my photo friends, unfortunately. However, atmtx has nothing to do with Austin. And, at least when you search for “atmtx”, my stuff dominates the search results for the first few pages on Google.

Cyclone Anaya’s is a very hip, trendy Austin kind of place, with high quality and tasty food. As expected, it wasn’t inexpensive, being located in the very “in” Domain Northside. However, for my money, I probably prefer the down-home and distinctly blue-collar Tex-Mex places in San Antonio. You can get some wonderfully good food down there, for a significantly lower price.

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