Bold Library

Bold Library - Austin, Texas

Bold Library – Austin, Texas

I took a few snaps of the exterior of the Austin’s new central library, but nothing that I particularly liked. I’ll need to go back again to make some dramatic photos of the modern exterior. Let’s just say, however, that the asymmetrical exterior is consistent with the modern asymmetry of the interior.

I did get a nice image of the sign, however, located on the south-west corner, right near the main entrance. There was a particularly colorful sunset that evening and the pink and purple hues adds a pleasant back drop.

Someone was shouting at me to get out of way, when I was taking this photo. Confused, I turned around and notice that my photographer friend, Peter, shooting the same sign from across the street. He was kidding, of course, and I just happen to run into him and his girl friend, who were also visiting.

Austin’s photo community is not that large, and it’s not unusual for me to run into people I know. I was using my wide-angle, which allowed me to get a lot closer and still take in the entire scene. Peter, by contrast, got a silhouette of a mysterious photographer partially blocking the sign.

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5 thoughts on “Bold Library

  1. While I also tend to run into other photographers I know, I’d say that Austin’s photo community is rather huge. The city supports the existence of 3 stores dedicated to selling camera/video gear as well as printing and film processing. In the online community here anyone who posts about looking for a photographer is usually swarmed by dozens of eager photogs desperate for the business in our highly competitive market. I’ve long said you can’t throw a rock in Austin without hitting a photographer. Both casually and professionally, Austin is saturated with photographers of all skill levels.

    1. I guess per capita, it is large.

      Maybe I keep running into people I know, because the city itself isn’t very big? Or we have a limited number of interesting places to visit or things to do?

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