Young Passenger

Young Passenger - New York, New York

Young Passenger – New York, New York

I was hoping to visit the B&H Photo, perhaps the center of the universe for photographers and gear lovers. It was across the street from the Moynihan Train Hall, one block north on 9th Avenue. Alas, my schedule didn’t allow for a stop. That was the challenge on this trip — as I mentioned previously — too many things to see and not enough time — that’s New York City for you. On the positive side, I probably saved money by not going.

My next stop is near 5th Avenue and 50th Street, and looking forward to the pinnacle photographic event during this New York City trip. With a preset appointment, I had no time and stamina to do the 30-minute and one-and-a-1/2-mile walk north. I hopped on the subway.

Entering street photography mode, I switched from the Fujifilm GFX 50S II to the stealthier Fuji X100V and snapped this perfectly framed image. I don’t recall if the boy posed and I captured this or if he posed for me. Either way, I love his expression and the precisely framed picture dead center in the window.

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