NBC Studios and More

NBC Studios and More, Rockefeller Center - New  York, New York

NBC Studios and More, Rockefeller Center – New York, New York

I mentioned in an earlier post that I came to this area to attend the pinnacle of my photographic experience in New York City. This sign is a hint of what is to come. I had a few minutes to spare, so I explored Rockefeller Center, as seen in the last few posts.

It was 7pm, and I was on time for my appointment. We weren’t at peak-neon as I snapped this picture anyway using my easily accessible Fujifilm X100V.

NBC Studios and More, Rockefeller Center - New  York, New York

Some two hours later, I took this picture with the Fujifilm GFX 50S II. Coincidentally, while I used a zoom lens, I unconsciously picked the identical 35mm equivalent focal length that matched the X100V — though the aspect ratio and the distance to the sign are different.

I was now at peak neon and loved how it looked. Nighttime, with its dark shadows, always adds mystery and an extra dimension to the image. Unfortunately, the white truck to the right ruins the picture, and there was no way around this. I tried alternative framings.

Take the shot when you can because you never know what will happen later. The world changes constantly, and that perfectly planned photo may not materialize.

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