Billionaire’s Row

Billionaire's Row - New York, New York

Billionaire’s Row – New York, New York

I hinted at my much-anticipated photographic highpoint yesterday by showing a neon sign. It wasn’t a special invitation to NBC Studios. Instead, it was a visit to the observation deck at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, also known as 30 Rock.

The Top of the Rock is the observatory 70 stories high in the heart of midtown Manhattan. Billionaire’s Row was the first view I saw as I got off the elevator on the 67th floor. I’m looking northwest at the most expensive condos in New York, with Central Park lying beyond the impossibly skinny and tall towers. The view only got better from there.

57th Street is the heart of Billionaire’s Row, two blocks south of Central Park, although there are multiple pricy towers in the neighborhood and more slender architectural marvels beyond the frame. Some of these structures are taller than the famed Empire State Building. Imagine the view you get. It’s not priceless. All you need is 20 million and up for your own place. I got a sample if only for a couple of hours, paying my entrance fee to the Top of the Rock.

Here’s another perspective from the west side.

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