Patriotic Department Store

Saks Fifth Avenue - New York, New York

Saks Fifth Avenue – New York, New York

I got off the subway near the corner of 5th Avenue and 50th Street. Unless I knew the station well, I was always uncertain of the closest street corner when ascending to the sidewalk. This over-the-top patriotic display attracted my camera. I zoomed in and used compression to emphasize repeating patterns.

I knew the department store well, though I rarely visited — the flagship of Saks Fifth Avenue, an upscale retailer. Ironically, the Hudson Bay Company out of Canada now owns Saks, though you wouldn’t know that by the over-abundant display of US Flags. Saks is famous for their Christmas decorations and light show.

There were several Saks Fifth Avenues in Texas though only the Houston and San Antonio locations remain. The Austin location was closed in 2012 and housed in an extensively renovated supermarket. Developers later split the building into three stores, with a Trader Joe’s supermarket now occupying a space. The Saks didn’t interest me, but we frequently go to Trader Joe’s.

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