The Olympus 45mm f1.2 Pro at an Unlikely Music Venue

Chase Weinacht of Marmalakes, Precision Camera - Austin, Texas

Chase Weinacht of Marmalakes, Precision Camera – Austin, Texas

Precision Camera, in partnership with Olympus, experimented with something new this year. They hosted six bands in their event space for a SXSW inspired music performances. They weren’t connected with SXSW but they held this during the same week. Olympus had cameras and lenses available to borrow, and with some free drinks and live music, it was an unexpected transformation of my favorite camera store.

While I don’t normally notice it at the downtown bars, the music seemed extra loud playing in the normally serene store. Also, it probably had the best lighting of any live music “stage” I’ve ever shot. No smoke-filled, neon lit, dingy dive bar here, of course — they had several LED light panels. While it didn’t have quite the ambiance of the downtown bars, it was easy to make good pictures.

I borrowed the Olympus 45mm f1.2 Pro lens for a short time as I shot the last couple of bands. The show was on all afternoon, but I had just stopped by after work. This is the second time I’ve used this lens, and I must say, it’s extraordinary. The clarity and detail are quite amazing. Certainly, really tempting for a future lens purchase. My first experience shooting Layilah with the 45mm 1.2 was equally satisfying.

Here’s Chase Weinacht from a band called Marmalakes, which was the closing act. I used the 45mm f1.2 on my Olympus PEN-F for this Capture One converted RAW. Dare I say, it looks sublime. I’m sure part of it was the good lighting. But wow, I really like what this lens does.

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3 thoughts on “The Olympus 45mm f1.2 Pro at an Unlikely Music Venue

  1. 45 1.2 is a perfect combination of sharp focus and soft bokeh. I have been shooting mine for a week and I’m loving it so far

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