Streetcar, Garden District

Streetcar, Garden District - New Orleans, Louisiana

Streetcar, Garden District – New Orleans, Louisiana

As I threatened in an earlier post, I’m featuring yet another Streetcar as part of my New Orleans posts. This is the fifth one and perhaps, in a way, the most moody. It’s set in the leafy and upscale neighborhood of the Garden District, which is not actually very far from downtown. While I’m generally happy with this image, I see this as a lost opportunity to create something more.

I was envisioning shooting a more compressed view of a streetcar, further down the track, which requires a long telephoto lens. In fact, I saw four streetcars next to each other, but already far down the track, that would have made a wonderful image. Unfortunately, on my trip to the Garden District, I left my Olympus 14-150mm in the hotel room. I used the 12-40mm Pro at 40mm, which gives a 80mm equivalent perspective. Decent, by not quite what I wanted. That 300mm equivalent would have looked wonderful with a series of streetcars, all rumbling down the track.

You can tell I love these vintage vehicles, not only because I have a general fascination with public transportation, but these well maintained machines are a link to the past. They lack the comforts of the modern age, but they seem to fit the place and add more character to an already character filled city.

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2 thoughts on “Streetcar, Garden District

  1. Thanks for your self-critique which is comforting to those of us who have been there before. The resulting image stands on its own; the experience of learning and visualizing what might have been is illuminating.

    1. Thank you. I think there are always opportunities to make an image better, even if they may appear OK.

      I think I’m probably tougher on myself as I become more experienced. Not for technical perfection, but for the desire to create more emotive images.

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