Metal Pier at the Mississippi

Metal Pier at the Mississippi - New Orleans, Louisiana

Metal Pier at the Mississippi – New Orleans, Louisiana

I saw this character filled metal pier on the Mississippi River, when I was in New Orleans. It’s along the waterfront, next to a small park, near the French Quarter. Unlike my last two posts, when an unexpected post-processing conversion to black and white really made the photo, this one was intended as a monochrome from the beginning. That’s were shooting in the black and white mode on the PEN-F really helps. I get a good feel for how it looks without color, before I take the shot.

While I use the camera’s black and white JPEG mode for visualization, more and more, I opt to actually use the RAW to do a post-processing conversion. This gives me the most latitude for subtle tweaks to the image. Here, I was able to recover the wispy clouds and tone down the bright rocks below the pier. Overall, it’s less contrasty than many of my black and whites.

Beyond the metal pier and the modest park, there’s an opportunity to develop more of the waterfront. It’s not for the lack of trying. There’s an aquarium and a mall nearby. But overall, there is a sparse feeling and it looks under utilized. There are plans to convert the World Trade Center, located further down on the river, into a luxury hotel. Hopefully, that will bring some much-needed energy to this section of town.

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