Facade, World Trade Center

Facade, World Trade Center - New Orleans, Louisiana

Facade, World Trade Center – New Orleans, Louisiana

When I was a kid in New York City, I thought only NY had a World Trade Center. Of course, I was wrong. There are many world trade centers and here’s the one in New Orleans. This one is no longer in operation, as far as I can tell.

I noticed this substantial structure, towering over the waterfront area. At night, they had multiple strobes that would flash randomly through the windows, which gave a festive vibe. That was only window dressing, however. The actual building looks to be closed.

Back when I was young and studied architecture, for fun, I was a firm believer in form over function. I loved the sleek modernist, Bauhaus designs and I eschewed excessive ornamentation. I’ve changed as I’ve grown older. I’m more attracted to yesterday’s faux grandeur, than today’s brutal simplicity.

I think this is a rather ugly building, but its placement in a low-slung area is hard to ignore. Perhaps, I’m reacting more to is moribund state. There are plans to renovate this into an upscale Four Season’s Hotel, which I’ll be fascinated to see. Would I like it any better after it’s prettied up? Someday, in a future visit to New Orleans, maybe I’ll find out.

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