Sunset Flare in Miyajima

Sunset Flare - Miyajima, Japan

Sunset Flare – Miyajima, Japan

I’ve featured a number of monochrome photos from Miyajima recently. And while the black and white photos are the most memorable from this excursion, looking through my library, I noticed many noteworthy color images too. Today’s photo features two photographic “gimmicks”, which enhances the visual impact.

First, of course, the flare from the setting sun adds some late afternoon drama. The flare effect can be hit or miss, but I think it’s kind of interesting here.
In most cases, photographers try to reduce flare, which can detract from the sharpness and clarity of a photo. But in this case, I was purposely seeking it out.

The other trick I employed is the concept of frame within a frame. Notice how the surrounding wooden structure adds a secondary internal border, which frames the trees and courtyard beyond the gate.

Incidentally, Miyajima is more than just the Itsukushima shrine and torii, which I’ve showcased for the last few days. There are other historic sites and a small town, which you can see here. There are also oodles of wonderful details which I’ll show in the coming posts.

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