Ferry at Blue Hour

Ferry at Blue Hour - Miyajima, Japan

Ferry at Blue Hour – Miyajima, Japan

After three hours of successful photography on Miyajima, as well as a thoroughly relaxing time, I was back on the ferry to Hiroshima. I still had a night of urban photography planned.

In retrospect, it might sound like a slightly obsessive photography schedule. I started out early in Osaka, took to the train to Kurashiki where I spend an hour and a half shooting the historic Bikan District. I then took the train to Hiroshima where I also shot a little before making to Miyajima. Now, I was going back to Hiroshima for more night photography. All on the same day. My vacations are relaxing, I suppose, but I do pack them with opportunities to shoot lots of pictures.

This ferry at blue hour is quite the photographic contrast to my arrival in Miyajima. Though I’ve branched out considerably, my first love is the man-made, urban environment at night, preferably during blue hour. Shots like this is what I really like to make. I don’t capture these scenes nearly as much, anymore.

In the olden days, 5 – 8 years ago, I would use my tripod for this. Not any more, with modern technology — both during capture, using in-body image stabilization and post-capture with sophisticated software, mostly eliminating the need for HDR.

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3 thoughts on “Ferry at Blue Hour

  1. From the mouse over pop-up description, how did you take a shot at 12mm/f2.8 using the 14-150mm/f4-5.6 lens?

    1. Hi Joey, thanks for catching this. I actually type in all the exposure details by hand and I didn’t properly update everything.

      I shot the photo with the Olympus 12-40mm f2.8 Pro, instead of the 14-150mm f4-5.6.

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