Real Mexican Food in Austin

Old World Grandeur, Fonda San Miguel - Austin, Texas

Old World Grandeur, Fonda San Miguel – Austin, Texas

It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Fonda San Miguel, but I went there for dinner, a few weeks ago. It’s exactly the way I remember it. Perhaps some things may have changed over the years, but the spirit remains the same. There is an old-world grandeur that sets it apart. A weightiness that only develops over time.

Unlike most of the Mexican-like restaurants in Austin, which are really Tex-Mex, Fonda San Miguel is true interior Mexican. It’s not a place of chicken fajitas and refried beans. Rather, there’s lots of seafood, fish and shrimp, along with mole sauces and rellenos. A large variety of dishes that you don’t find in other places claiming south of the border specialties.

I had my conveniently portable Canon G7X Mark II with me, perfect for creating this Cinematic, in the central dining room. The food was wonderful but I also enjoyed capturing some old world details in this place that doesn’t look quite like Austin.

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4 thoughts on “Real Mexican Food in Austin

  1. We don’t have anywhere to get Mexican food up here. New England isn’t the place for it. They try to make it, but it’s usually really bad. When we are in Arizona, we at least get a taste of it but here, well. This isn’t culinary heaven.

    1. I could understand that. Well at least there’s Taco Bell, which is what I put up with, because there wasn’t anything better when I lived in the Northeast

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