Closing Time, Pinkberry

Closing Time, Pinkberry - San Jose, California

Closing Time, Pinkberry – San Jose, California

I don’t often shoot through windows, but it’s probably something I should explore more often. You get some interesting effects. First, the window frames can be used to create a frame within a frame. You can see that here with the faux stone pillars on each side. You also get reflections, which can create a layered, inside out feeling.

You don’t see many reflections on the front window, since I’m perpendicular to it. But look inside the store, along the windows on the left. You both see through the window and get reflections, which adds a level of depth and interest. Of course, having an architecturally interesting store, with nice shapes and bold colors, also helps.

I shot this at closing time, outside Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt store, also at Santana Row. You might think it’s rather odd shooting so much at essentially a shopping mall, but I like the challenge. Visual interest lies everywhere, you just have to find it. Go shoot what interests you, which is an excellent way to train your brain and discover what you like.

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