Bartender Blur

Bartender Blur, Santana Row - San Jose, California

Bartender Blur, Santana Row – San Jose, California

This is the second “shot through the window” photo in this Santana Row series, however very different from the first one. While the previous one was about reflections and inside vs. outside illusions, today’s image frames a scene.

I shot and cropped the photo to create a picture frame effect using the window frame. Within the frame, a lively upscale bar and the constant dance of the bartender. I shot this at a slow shutter speed, 1/4 of a second in this case, which created an intriguing motion blur.

Though I usually don’t change the crop of my photos, and nearly all the photos you see on the blog are framed in-camera, I’ve been less dogmatic in this regard with the Canon G7X Mark II. First, I’ve created Cinematics, which crops to a 16×9 format and is actually wider than the normal field of view. With today’s photo, I cropped to a 4×3 aspect ratio which better fits the shape of the window.

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