Leading Lines, First Street Bridge

First Street Bridge - Austin, Texas

First Street Bridge – Austin, Texas

Blue hour passes quickly in Central Texas, more like a blue 15 minutes. After shooting the skyline by the river, Jim and I headed across the bridge to downtown. He knew a small bar that specialized in Belgian Beers. As we crossed the First Street Bridge, I had to bust out the tripod again.

As part of my urban landscapes, I’m a sucker for leading lines. The lines, the glowing sidewalk and the skyline beyond, pulled me in. I gave up on HDRs, I discovered the Canon G7X Mark II didn’t bracket properly in aperture priority mode. I switched to shutter priority and used a 3.2 second exposure at ISO 125. This was on tripod, of course, image stabilization isn’t that good, yet, especially on the G7X.

Only a couple of years ago, the background skyline, from this angle, would’ve been totally boring. There was almost no high rises west of the bridge. We’ll see what the future brings. I may have to do another version of this picture in a few years.

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4 thoughts on “Leading Lines, First Street Bridge

  1. They never can keep all of the lamps on that bridge lit at once.

    I always do HDRs manually by just rolling the shutter speed 1 stop between shots until I get both ends of the histogram.

    1. I’ve done manual brackets before but prefer the automated ones to reduce camera movement.

      No big deal. If I was serious about HDR, I would use my Olympus, where I can do 3, 5 and 7 brackets automatically, if I wished.

      Though, in reality, I almost never create HDRs anymore.

  2. You’re getting some remarkably good night shots with that little camera. But I’ll say it again, your skill can make any camera look good. I was tempted to buy one of those G7X Mark IIs when I saw one used at Precision last week. I resisted the GAS successfully. My X100F is small enough for me and I have a feeling I’d resent not having a viewfinder anyway.

    1. Thank you, Michael. Yeah, you will probably be frustrated without an EVF. It has its limitations but I’m starting to bend it to my will.

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