Jo’s Downtown, 2nd Street District

Jo's Downtown, 2nd Street District - Austin, Texas

Jo’s Downtown, 2nd Street District – Austin, Texas

It takes a number of years to develop that patina that adds a level of authenticity, sort of like new blue jeans being broken in. After five or so years, the original 2nd Street District is looking mature and established. Jo’s Downtown was there from the beginning and with weather and use, it’s starting to look nicely “live in”. Perfect for photography.

Urban re-development seems to have a spotty track record, but I must compliment the City of Austin and the private development for the success of this area. What used to be under-utilized warehouses has turned into a vibrant residential area with shops and restaurants. It’s probably the best implementation, thus far, of the Great Streets program the city has been pushing.

The Great Streets program was controversial because it reduced the width of the road, while increasing the width of the sidewalks. People feared an increase in traffic. Maybe it has increased traffic, I don’t know. But it actually created a destination worth visiting. I don’t think the current boom in residential towers would be as energetic, if we didn’t have nice walkable neighborhoods.

I’ve turned many of my wide-angle Canon G7X Mark II photos into Cinematics, but here’s an exception. The 2×3 framing looked more balanced and excluded less desirable elements. Which goes to show that it’s not wise to blindly apply a technique. Each photo needs to be considered on its own merits.

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