Technology is your Friend with Travel Photography

Royal Hawaiian Interior - Honolulu, Hawaii

Royal Hawaiian Interior – Honolulu, Hawaii

I was recently shooting inside the Royal Hawaiian, which is my favorite hotel in Waikiki Beach for photography. The combination of the old world details and rich colors make it a delight. Back in 2014, I did a Photo Essay featuring the interior of the Royal Hawaiian with my Fujifilm X100S.

Looking through my libraries, I realized that today’s photos look sort of similar to the ones I shot with my Canon EOS 7D in 2010. Back eight years ago, I was at the height of my HDR-with-tripod phase. Yes, I did use DSLRs back in the day and I lugged a tripod so that I can maximize image quality and take the requite brackets to create my HDRs, after the fact, on my computer. A bit of a process and cumbersome.

Royal Hawaiian Interior - Honolulu, Hawaii

For today’s post I shot, hand-held, with my Canon G7X Mark II compact camera. No tripod. No HDR. Yes, I know these images are not directly comparable. The old Canon 7D photos are probably sharper, benefits of f13 on tripod. But, I don’t think it’s clearcut which are better. It probably depends on your taste.

I shoot differently these days. Especially compared to my HDRs, my photos are now richer and more contrasty. I like to think I’m less concerned about the process and care more about the mood of the images I create.

The image quality from smartphones have increased tremendously over the last decade. But, these technology advances have also graced the dedicated cameras, too. As an enthusiast shooting travel photographs, these technological advances have made photography even more enjoyable. I get to make high quality photos with decreased weight and less gear. And, more importantly, I can do so easily and more unobtrusively.

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