Rotunda, Texas History Museum

Rotunda, Texas History Museum - Austin, Texas

Rotunda, Texas History Museum – Austin, Texas

My wife and I went to more than the Blanton on Austin Museum Day. We walked across the street to the Texas History Museum. Because, the history of Texas is bigger than life, and after all, Texas is like a whole other country — I suppose. It’s more digestible than an Art Museum with its elaborate sets that visually entice visitors. It’s the kind of place that shows IMAX movies.

The scale of the facility is pretty impressive, especially for a medium size city like Austin. But, as you may know, Austin is the capital of Texas and it makes sense to have a place like this, not too far from the capitol building.

Architecturally, I like the rotunda and its big dome. Not quite as impressive as the capitol’s, but quite nice, especially for a modern structure built in 2001. I shot this will the Canon G7X Mark II and gave it a wide-angle Cinematics treatment in a contrasty black and white.

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6 thoughts on “Rotunda, Texas History Museum

  1. Pretty awesome vision you have and how you captured Austin. I was there for 9 days back in March and it’s a great city with so much life and excitement. Very clean too! Can’t wait to see more from your blog.

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