Rotunda Windows, Texas History Museum

Rotunda Windows, Texas History Museum - Austin, Texas

Rotunda Windows, Texas History Museum – Austin, Texas

Here’s another view of the Rotunda at the Texas History Museum, which I also featured yesterday. Same place but with a very different feel. Yesterday’s photo is of the ceiling, nearly symmetrical and rather geometric.

Today’s is moodier and messier. The shadows, silhouettes, and reflections offer a sense of mystery. I shot both photos with the compact Canon G7X Mark II, which I converted to black and white in post processing. Unfortunately, this Canon’s built-in black and white mode is rather crude and unusable for me. It has none of the elegance of the Olympus PEN-F. Luckily, with some practice, I’m getting better at creating the kind of black and whites I like, using Capture One.

The building you can see through the window is the Blanton Museum of Art, conveniently across the street. The city has plans of uniting the Blanton, The Texas History Museum, and the bland government office buildings in the area, with a green pedestrian mall which will ultimately connect to the State Capitol. That would be a nice civic addition to a rather uninspired part of town.

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2 thoughts on “Rotunda Windows, Texas History Museum

  1. An excellent photo. I’m especially attracted to the floor reflections. It looks wet, like the surface of a deep dark lake which in turn makes it look like the people are walking on water. A great effect, which I imagine, has been made all the better by your black and white treatment.

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