Amsterdam in One Photo

Canal Boat and City Life - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canal Boat and City Life – Amsterdam, Netherlands

As I looked through my 2014 archives for yesterday’s post, the images transported me back to The Netherlands, over four years ago. I’ve featured a fair number of photos from The Netherlands, but there are so many yet to be shown. I’m determined to showcase more, over time, if only to add variety to my daily postings.

If I had to select a single photo that represents my impression of Amsterdam, this would be it. There’s history, architecture, a canal, a canal boat, beer and well-dressed people. The density of the city, with its infinite interesting details, makes it so fun to shoot. Even the largest cities in the U.S., just don’t compare. Tokyo may have more people, and it’s certainly full of details, but lacks the charm of the top European cities.

I’m also looking back with some fondness and curiosity regarding my Fujifilm X100S, which I used extensively that year. Though I did shoot with an Olympus E-PM2 back then, the Fuji was my primary camera. Even with only a fixed 35mm equivalent focal length, I was able to document an extraordinary variety.

I took my X100S off my display shelf today, charged it up and reacquainted myself. Despite being overshadowed by my current favorite, the Olympus PEN-F, there’s a uniqueness to the Fuji that brings back memories. I had frustrations with the camera, but with over a year of solid use, I familiarized myself with its quirks. I probably shot 20,000 to 30,000 pictures with it. Perhaps it’s time to play with the Fuji again.

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