Table Geometry, Apple Store

Table Geometry, Apple Store - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Table Geometry, Apple Store – Amsterdam, Netherlands

I went back into my archives to find this photo, from 2014, located in my Aperture 3 library. After two years of using Capture One, the Aperture keyboard shortcuts that, I thought, were ingrained in memory, are starting to falter. A lot has happened for me, photographically, in four years. Back then, I was using my Fujifilm X100s quite extensively, and organizing my images in a photo management program that’s no longer supported. But the memories and images persist, for now.

I shot this in the Apple Store in Amsterdam. As a photographer, there’s joy in finding repeating patterns. Especially when there’s one, out-of-place. I jumped at creating this image when I saw this scene from the second floor balcony. At one time, though I don’t know if it’s still true, the Amsterdam Apple Store had the longest Genius Bar in the world.

I’ve featured photos from the Apple Store before. Including this one from 2016, and this one from 2017. I posted them on October 5th, the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. Today is the seventh anniversary.

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5 thoughts on “Table Geometry, Apple Store

  1. Interesting to see an Apple Store sparsely populated. Then, I’ve only been in one in Atlanta.

    Even with an appointment for service (my iMac screen slumped forward permanently when its spring gave up) it was necessary to stand in one of several long lines. Caretakers with Bluetooth earpieces and iPads patrolled the lines, checking off names and verifying one’s reason for being present. Every table, counter, and bench was filled. And this wasn’t even during a new product release season. What a zoo!

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