Apple Store, Omotesando

Apple Store, Omotesando - Tokyo, Japan

Apple Store, Omotesando – Tokyo, Japan

When I was in Japan this year, I wanted to visit and photograph the newest Apple Store in Tokyo, located in the upscale Omotesando district. It opened a little over three years ago and it was there when I went to Tokyo previously, but it was one of the places I forgot to visit.

Many of the Apple Stores are modern and sleek, but this is one of the newer designs with even more glass for an extra airy feel. Unfortunately, my Sunday visit was so packed with people, that I was hard pressed to make a clean photograph of the overall store. I opted instead to focus on a particular architectural detail.

Spiral glass staircases are also a popular feature at the larger Apple Stores. This one goes from the first floor to the basement. Rather than a static image, I figured one with motion blur will be more dramatic. After several minutes of shooting, I found an exposure with an even spacing of people that I liked, visually. Shot at 1/6 of a second with the Olympus PEN-F and wide-angle lens.

Today, October 5th, is also the 6th anniversary of Steve Job’s passing. Last year, on this day, I featured my most famous Apple Store photo, from New York City.

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7 thoughts on “Apple Store, Omotesando

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Your black and white shots are your most emotive and creative work. I don’t know what clicks in your brain when you shoot in that mode but they are always those sort of “Damn, wish I’d taken that” photos. You seem to think differently in that mode and it makes for some of my favorite photos.

    1. Mike, you’ve always been very kind saying this. I’m not sure if my black and whites are truly better or if it’s your interest in black and white that heavily influences your perception of my photos.

      This image is a good example of using a cleaner and sharper black and white process from RAW. The in-camera Olympus JPEG was too grainy and soft. Given the subject, I preferred a clean, high-tech look.

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