Colorado Tower

Colorado Tower - Austin, Texas

Colorado Tower – Austin, Texas

Speaking of the Hanger Lounge, where I shot the photos from the last three posts, here it is, in the foreground, within the rapidly evolving warehouse district. Back in the 90s, this area was mostly deserted, comprised of single story, underutilized warehouses. Now, it’s yet another place in downtown Austin with a healthy nightlife supplied by numerous bars and restaurants.

The Colorado Tower, a 30 story office building completed less than three years ago, is one of a series of planned commercial towers. Across the street a 44 story mixed-use development was just approved. According to the plans, the Hanger appears to be spared from demolition. But at the rate Austin is changing, who knows for how long.

Incidentally, I made this photo on a quiet Sunday night, a few days after the Drink and Click. I captured it just as the crown of lights were turn on, at the start of blue hour. Back in April, I shot the Lobby of The Colorado Tower, with its modern and rich interior. It’s part of my effort to document a rapidly changing downtown Austin. I created today’s photo with the Olympus PEN-F and Olympus 9-18mm super wide-angle, sans tripod.

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