Colorado Tower in Afternoon Light

Colorado Tower in Afternoon Light - Austin, Texas

Colorado Tower in Afternoon Light – Austin, Texas

I’ve moved north and west from yesterday’s Congress Avenue bridge to sample some reasonably new buildings. First up, the Colorado Tower. From Colorado Street and just south of 2nd Street, I’m looking north.

The 30 story skyscraper opened in December 2014 and is the first class A office building to be built since 2004. I blogged about it a few years ago, including the lit up crown during blue hour and it’s glowing lobby at night. It’s not a particularly large building, even by current Austin standards. But it appears to be well executed.

This daytime photo looks like a computer-generated architectural rendering. It’s not, and I made it with my Fuji GFX 50R and tilt-shift setup. I think the lovely afternoon light lit it up in a way you don’t typically see. Yes, it’s just an office building. But, beautiful light can work with any subject.

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