2nd and Colorado Streets

2nd and Colorado Streets - Austin, Texas

2nd and Colorado Streets – Austin, Texas

A half a block north of yesterday’s spot, I’m at the corner of 2nd and Colorado Streets. You might recognize the Colorado Tower on the right, as featured yesterday. The tall building on the left is new, with its recently completed glass curtainwall.

300 Colorado, a 34-story structure, is slightly taller than the Colorado Tower across the street. Disappointingly, this building was scaled down from its originally planned 44 stories. It also changed from a residential tower to an office building. It’s built on the site of Sully’s Bar. Which was one of the featured images from this post in 2014. Known as the warehouse district, increasingly, the low-slung warehouse structures have been torn down and replace with giant skyscrapers.

I’m using my FotodioX tilt-shift adapter that I reviewed recently. In that review, I talked about its weaknesses with the Mamiya lens when shifted towards the maximum. You can see the problems here, such as the slight vignetting (darkening) on the top corners and the distortion on the top left corner of 300 Colorado. Most people might miss these. However, my love for the overall image composition has overruled my need for image perfection.

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