Dabbling in Sports

Trinity vs. Birmingham Southern - San Antonio, Texas

Trinity vs. Birmingham Southern – San Antonio, Texas

I rarely shoot sports these days, especially since both my boys no longer play lacrosse. But, when there is an opportunity, it’s fun to dabble. During the Fall Family Weekend at Trinity, I got to shoot the home game — Trinity University vs. Birmingham Southern College. Incidentally, Trinity won 24 to 17.

I find that shooting fast action sports can be a great way to practice fast compositional skills, which also helps in street photography. Of course sports shooting has its own set of challenges. One that I’m not very skillful at, as well as not having the ideal gear.

I was lucky with this photo, which turned out my most dramatic. Let’s just say I had a very low keeper rate. But that’s okay, since I’m doing this for fun. I also got to play with the Olympus 75-300mm zoom, which I rarely use. It’s a rather slow lens at a f4.8-6.7 minimum aperture range. But, compact and very hand-holdable, especially for a 600mm equivalent, which is the focal length I used for today’s photo.

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