Art-ish via Topaz Studio

Over LA - Southwest Airlines

Over LA – Southwest Airlines

You might recognize this image which is similar to a photo I posted back in May. I shot it on my Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Austin. Except, with the post processing, it’s not quite a photograph anymore.

Back two weeks ago, I talked about a new software technology, which I bought on Cyber Monday. It’s called A.I. Clear from Topaz Labs. A.I. Clear does sophisticated noise reduction, but it runs in an application called Topaz Studio, a rather powerful environment where you can tweak not only standard photo settings, but also do more creative effects. I got hooked.

I spent the long weekend around Thanksgiving, playing. Sometimes, unexpected confluences take you down a different path. My visit to the East Austin Studio Tour and this creative software combined to open up a new horizon of image making. Creating “Art-ish” effects from my photographs.

I know it’s arguable if this is “real art”. And, I know I’m not an artist just because I can press a few buttons. However, I find this software compelling. I always contend that a photograph is merely a pointer to a real or imagined memory. That the feelings and emotions that it generates is what is important. Selectively doing these kinds of artistic effects, I think, can enhance the emotion of an image.

When I first created the photograph of this scene, the standard post processing didn’t match what I wanted to express. This chalk effect using Topaz Studio is more what I wanted. I now feel like I have an additional creative tool for my visual image making.

Topaz Studio is a free application for Macs and PCs. There’s a lot of pre-created effects that can be applied for free. You only pay if you want to further tweak the myriad of options available for an adjustment. You might have fun playing with it. I know I do.

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