Over LA

Over LA - Southwest Airlines

Over LA – Southwest Airlines

We took off west, quickly reaching over the water, until we did a 180 heading towards Austin. Looking out, I saw Los Angeles at twilight.

I took this about a month ago, during my flight home from California, before the recent string of high-profile airplane window failures. Am I hesitant now to sit by the window? Not really. Flying on commercial airlines are still a heck of a lot safer than getting in the car. What people need to keep in mind, and what the attention seeking media does a really bad job of is — if it’s on the news, it’s probably not important. By definition, stuff on the news are the remarkable and the exception. It probably won’t happen to you.

It took some effort to create a moderately decent Cinematic out a plane window. The wide-angle picks up a lot of stray light, distortion and vignetting from the composite window. But perhaps, maybe arguably, the distortion and imperfect reflections adds some extra character, in the fading light over LA.

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