Maita’i Crew

Maita’i Crew - Honolulu, Hawaii

Maita’i Crew – Honolulu, Hawaii

Here’s the scene from the catamaran just as they where going to unfurl the main sail. With the crew in formation and the U.S. Flag fluttering in the breeze, I thought it captured the fun mood of the excursion.

I’m glad I brought the Canon G7X Mark II for higher quality photos. My waterproof Olympus TG-2 does okay in a pinch, and under the right conditions, it even does a pretty good job, but sensor size and optics matter especially for cameras of this class.

It think its a perfectly decent photo, but as I explained a few days ago, my experiments with Topaz Studio have yielded nice results in a Art-ish kind of way.

Maita’i Crew - Honolulu, Hawaii

This is a watercolor-like look created from the photo above. It simplifies some of the detail and amps up the colors. Why is it that traditional artwork can look better with more intense colors than in photography? Is it because of our pre-programmed expectations? Or is it that photographs look too close to reality and amped colors just conflict with that reality.

Either way, I really like the Art-ish version. It’s a more cheerful representation and one that I better identify with, as I look back on that trip. Ironically, I suppose the less capable Olympus TG-2 might have create a similar image.

That’s one big advantage of my experiments with “Art”. Image quality matters less. No need to worry about perfectly sharp, noise-free photos. It’s all about the color, composition and most importantly the mood.

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