Portraits from the Car

Man on Bus - Bangalore, India

Man on Bus – Bangalore, India

It was Sunday afternoon around 3pm and I was headed towards the center of Bangalore with my photographer friend, Pabish. Ari, our driver, was expertly navigating the slightly less horrible traffic on a non-workday afternoon. Our destination? The old city center, KR Market to be precise.

I had arrived in India earlier that morning and warmed up my photographic muscles with a one hour photowalk. But this trip to the market and the subsequent model shoot was the main photographic event of the day.

But just riding in the car in India is a great photographic opportunity. One that I enjoyed and occasionally made some decent portraits out the car window. With the faster speeds and jostling, I switched to my more capable Olympus PEN-F equipped with a 50mm equivalent prime lens.

Up top, a man at the back of the bus. The window created the desired frame within a frame effect. His dark skin contrasted nicely against the white-painted bus.

Family on Scooter - Bangalore, India

Family on Scooter – Bangalore, India

I mentioned on my earlier post, how crazy the roads are in India, and here is a good example. An entire family on scooter. I’ve seen this configuration many times. The man typically drives. The woman is in the rear. The first child sits between the couple and the next child sit in the very front.

I suppose it makes sense, in a way. But it still seems kind of crazy from the eyes of a westerner.

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