Man with Dresses

Man with Dresses - Bangalore, India

Man with Dresses – Bangalore, India

When my local contacts heard I wanted to go to the market for my photographic afternoon, they were puzzled. Why such a crowded and old place, they must have thought. Some had suggested historical, monumental, and impressive architecture instead. Places the regular visitors go.

But, one of the things I like about shooting in and around the KR Market is, that there are very few tourists, if any. It’s a place were the regular folks in Bangalore go shopping. From fruits, vegetables, flowers and I guess dresses? Famous tourists sites are fine, but I tend to like the everyday places frequented by people living locally.

I shot this as I was going through a crowd. Though the man is looking directly at the camera, it’s not a posed photograph. His gaze just happen to meet the camera, as I was passing through.

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