The Beauty of Imperfection

Pedestrian Subway Entrance - Bangalore, India

Pedestrian Subway Entrance – Bangalore, India

My photography friends have commented how my photos tend to be precise and sharp. And, while I don’t think of my photos in that way, I guess enough people have said the same thing that there must be something to it. I suppose I do like a sense of orderliness and balance, even when taking pictures of messy street scenes. I generally like my buildings straight and I try to remove extraneous details. On the other hand, an inexplicable and messy snapshot can work too. That’s what I think of today’s photo.

The off kilter building, the flare and the imprecise snapshot feel is what I like. The image is neither precise or sharp. I has a Rain Man kinda feel, I think. My next frame is actually cleaner and without the flare, but lacks emotion. Imperfection can be beautiful.

I shot this with my travel zoom that has a 14-150mm focal range. Surprisingly, a number of my photos landed in the 20 to 22mm range, which gives a 40 to 44mm equivalent. While a 50mm is considered a normal focal length, my understanding is that 40 to 44mm is closer to what most people see natively.

This wonderful tower marks the entrance to a pedestrian subway that quickly took us closer the our destination, the KR Market. It’s just a tiled underground walkway that looked surprisingly like NYC subway stations, but without any trains. It allowed us to bypass a lot of the crowds.

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7 thoughts on “The Beauty of Imperfection

  1. I agree! The satisfaction we feel from staring at a well-balanced photo contrasts the chaotic vibes of an off-kilter click. I personally am drawn to the messy photos due to its realistic aspects and innate ability to submerge us in its sounds and environment.
    There truly is beauty in chaos. Great article!

      1. Yes, I gathered that from your article. Nevertheless, your photograph reminds me of the beauty of imperfection. Thank you for sharing your work with us. 🙂

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