Lit by Smartphone: Sahana

Sahana Lit by Smartphone - Bangalore, India

Sahana Lit by Smartphone – Bangalore, India

Yesterday, I featured a photo shoot with Sahana with eight colorful images. Environmental and casual portraits with copious amounts of color that India is known for. It was something different for me, since my recent portraits are in black and white. But, I didn’t want to lose an opportunity to shoot in my low-light Drink and Click style.

I was after a sub-genre of my black and white portraits that are lit by a smartphone. At the Nandi Theertham Temple, where we left off yesterday, Sahana and I found a dark corner. I usually tell my subjects to look a little upset or surprised. The premise of these portraits is to catch them off guard while they’re using their phone. I even showed her a few examples I shot in the past.

I’m notorious for taking my time sending the photos to models. Part of my problem is that I shoot so much that I constantly have a backlog. However, I was able to send Sahana some color portraits the next day. Surprisingly, she was really interested in the lit by Smartphone version. Perhaps the style and concept was unique enough to pique her curiosity.

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