Coca-Cola and Motion Blur

Coca-Cola and Motion Blur - Bangalore, India

Coca-Cola and Motion Blur – Bangalore, India

Staying at the ITC Gardenia was a considerable upgrade from the Aloft hotel, though it hardly cost any extra. But, another big benefit is the neighborhood. There’s a lot more to do, being near the city center with nicer shops and restaurants. It was also better for photography and a lot more accessible. I went out at night, which I hadn’t done in India up to this point. It allowed me to make urban landscapes in darker conditions, which usually adds more mystery and drama.

I was creating motion blurs using a slow shutter speed, which can add some interest to an average street scene. I made several and this one just happen to catch a motorcycle, auto-rickshaw and mini-van at nicely spaced intervals. The pops of red from the Coca-Cola sign, contrasting against dingy concrete, were the finishing touches to a decidedly non-U.S. scene. Something mundane, yet exotic.

I love Coca-Cola, which I suppose can be considered a mild vice. The company’s reach is incredible, probably with the world’s most comprehensive distribution system. I drank a few during the trip — more than usual, actually — because I knew it was safe. Though, I did so without any ice, which was less appealing. I, however, avoided under-sanitized water as much as possible, even when frozen.

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