The Flautist

The Flautist, ITC Gardenia - Bangalore, India

The Flautist, ITC Gardenia – Bangalore, India

The gentle melodic sounds I heard at ITC Gardenia were not a recording. I noticed this flautist sitting by the fountain in the center of the lobby. He wasn’t always there, but I noticed him playing on a couple of nights. The Aloft featured a talented performer singing hit music covers, but the traditional flautist seemed more in keeping with the upscale Gardenia.

I mentioned that the hotel presented me with a scarf, upon check-in. While mine was purple, the design matches what this musician is wearing. In fact, the scarf I received six years ago looks very much like this orange version. I’m not sure of the material but has a silk like appearance.

The lobby was darker than I remember, looking at the exposure details. At f1.4 on my Olympus PEN, at 1/60 of a second, I was at ISO 2500. You might have noticed that I used my compact Canon G7X Mark II quite a bit during this trip. But, when it comes to the serious photos, I always gravitate towards the more capable Olympus cameras. It handles the dark a lot better and, for portraits, it nicely blurs the background. It doesn’t produce the extreme shallow depth of field of a full frame camera, but I think it gives the perfect balance of environmental context and background softening.

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2 thoughts on “The Flautist

  1. I have enjoyed your series on Bangalore. As it turns out, I do the bookkeeping for our church’s missionaries to India; and as your series has been appearing during the month of January, our 2 missionaries have been in south India, including Bangalore. I forwarded a few of your messages to one of them because they see the lower economic side of the city.

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