Panoramic Bangalore

ITC Gardenia Panoramic View - Bangalore, India

ITC Gardenia Panoramic View – Bangalore, India

As you can see from this panoramic wide-angle of Bangalore, it’s certainly not the prettiest city in the world, but this view from my room at the ITC Gardenia is very nice. I forget what floor I was on, somewhere around the 12th, I think. It’s certainly more dramatic than this view from the Aloft, which was actually not from my guest room, but from a hallway window.

The population of Bangalore is 12.34 million, which is a lot larger than I expected. With a population of over 10 million, it’s considered a megacity and is the 18th most populous city in the world. Even so, there isn’t much of a skyline — there’s just a smattering of taller buildings. By contrast, the city of Austin is just under 1 million and even with the most generous count, which includes all the suburbs from the five county area, brings the population to 2.1 million.

I’ve talked a lot about Austin’s growing downtown skyline, and being use to first world cities, I have a tendency to judge a city’s size by the tallness of their downtown. That, of course, is not a very accurate measure. The reality is, for all the building in Austin, it’s not very dense. Bangalore is very different, with orders of magnitude more, of smaller buildings packed tightly together.

In this wide-angle Cinematic, you can also see the greenery, to the right. Those are the parks I mentioned in a previous post which are still found in the center of the city. I got to visit one, which I will feature in upcoming posts.

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