The Anti-Phoenix

Downtown Skyline - San Francisco, California

Downtown Skyline – San Francisco, California

I was a little harsh on Phoenix in yesterday’s post, but with good reason. If there is any city that can be called an anti-Phoenix, it would be San Francisco. Though one of the world’s greatest cities certainly deserves a better title. I suppose I should just call Phoenix the anti-San Francisco.

Did you know San Francisco doesn’t rank in the top 10 by population in the United States? It’s compact. A big, dense downtown with very little sprawl.
Phoenix’s impressive sprawl has now made it the fifth largest. Austin, my home town, is now number eleven. San Francisco, with all its amenities, number thirteen.

After 45-years, the Transamerica Pyramid was bested by the Salesforce Tower, taking over as the tallest. At 1070 feet, it qualifies as a Supertall and is the 13th-tallest building in the U.S. You can see it left of center, as well as several new and interesting buildings to its right.

I usually drive into San Francisco, and can’t admire the skyline. On this family vacation, we left the driving to Lyft and I got to snap away.

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